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Too Cool for Spools……..

I enjoy creating……….this includes re-purposing & upcycling different items, distressing & painting furniture, scrapbooking, as well as mixed media.

I purchased a 10.5 x 13.5 pack of canvases & was rather intimidated by the blank white canvas staring back at me when I first started…………..

but……..I pressed on……….searching Pinterest for inspiration & researching various mixed media projects so I wouldn’t put my eye out or glue my fingers together forever by some mishap……..

Inspiration struck when I saw hearts on canvas on Pinterest but knew I wanted a 3-D look.

Keeping that in mind, I proceeded to paint, stain, distress, & stamp my canvas in a variety of espresso, copper, & coffee metallic paints, distress inks, & then layered with various scraps of paper – some distressed, some stamped, some embossed

I had a plethora of old wooden spools hanging out in some vase on a shelf waiting patiently to be used – I tied some ribbon scraps I had onto the spools to add texture

……….. a few dabs of E6000 later & a heart was born………topped some of the spools with vintage buttons just because

then I decided I needed a little metal action so I glued a metal plate & key in a couple of corners along with hanging a metal key on some jute in the middle of the heart

My guy made me a really cool frame (this pic does not do it justice)




This was a really fun project

Thanks so much for taking time to check us out!

Challenge:  Try a new technique, use a new product, or find a project to replicate adding your own spin


Perfect Match


Ok! Hello everyone. This is officially my first blog post ever. Yikes! Thanks to my friend Trish for getting this going and encouraging me to jump right in.

So last summer I was out and about pickin for furniture  in OKC and I  found this lovely old iron Singer sewing base. But it lacked something special. A top. I wanted the new piece to be functional, unique, and have a top.  Four months later, on a rainy winter day, I found the lucky winner. An old round, wood table top, without a base.  A match made in heaven.  Hopefully.

With a little help and maneuvering, the top fit perfectly with the base.  Still, the top needed to be cleaned and a new paint job.  At our Gypsy Chicks booth, located at the Rink Gallery,  we sell Country Chic Paint. This is an amazing chalk based paint, vibrant colors, dries quickly and smoothly. I ended up painting the top with the color, Cheesecake.  Followed by a coat of Tough Coat, which is a polyurethane finish.

I have to so say, with a little bit of patience and imagination, the bistro table turned out to be rather Marvy. The Perfect Match.

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