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DIY Spring Baskets



Look at this adorable Spring Basket I made for one of my daughter’s friends.  So cute.  I have a fascination with strawberry and fruit baskets.  I collected quite a few of these on one of our many RV adventures on the road.  I found most of them at local farmers markets.  They were all so friendly to share.

Lately I have used these baskets to display gift towels, crocheted items, and now treats for my daughter’s friends.




I gathered up my supplies; cute Strawberry basket, trusty hot glue gun and glue sticks, hole punch, frilly pink ribbon, pink cardstock, stickles glitter glue, “treat” themed stickers,  and shiney pipe cleaners.  All of these items I had stashed away in my scrap room.


I punched a hole centered on two sides of the basket,  fit the pipe cleaner on each end to make the handle, and cut off the excess.  I hot glued the ribbon around the top of the basket (cutting off the excess) for the decorative trim.  I then took some colorful stickers, backed them with pink card stock, and decorated all four sides of the basket with my trusty hot glue gun. Its not shown in the final picture, but I also made a tag out of the card stock with her friend’s name printed, outlined the tag and other stickers with the glitter glue.  You gotta have some glitter. Right!

Once your basket is decorated with the glitter, frills, and sparkles, just fill with whatever goodies or treats for the occassion.  I filled the basket with sparkley tissue, candy, and lip glosses. Her friend loved it all.



Plan On It!

It seems there is a new hot trend, or maybe an old trend with a few new twists. Planners! From daily planning, budget planning, health & diet, to blog planning. Another twist is memory planning. Which is the one I have been drawn to. A mix of planning, journaling, art, scrapbooking, and goal setting.  I am new to this kind of planning, and it has definitely been a trial and error experience.


It all started for me when I discovered the Heidi Swapp, gold memory planner from Michaels,  “Everyday”. On Sale too! I have since discovered this may have been a limited edition, for I can’t seem to find anymore, anywhere!  Grrrr!

I love the shiny gold, and the size. It came with all sorts of goodies. From post it’s, number stamps, embellishments, and magnet tabs.  12 month dividers, a month at a glance, a thankful page , a page for notes, and a place for photos.

image            image


I promise to take better photos in the future. I have quickly figured out the memory planning is all about expressing yourself with color, and pens, glue and glitter, magazine clippings, paper, and lots of washi tape. I am on the hunt for washi tape and sticky notes. So watch out Target shoppers, here I come.  Basically, whatever you want to use, you can, so go for it.

I do want to show the front inside cover, and dashboard.

image       image

Like I said before, all still works in progress. I used scrapbook paper and coordinating embellishments I had on hand. An acrylic insert from a media package. And glue! I made two pockets on the inside cover to hold paper clips, sticky notes, and a few “to do” lists.  I made sure to make note on my acrylic dashboard my word for 2015. Love. Love is my theme, and I plan to incorporate this theme throughout my planner.  More to come in this adventure of memory planning.


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