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DIY Spring Baskets



Look at this adorable Spring Basket I made for one of my daughter’s friends.  So cute.  I have a fascination with strawberry and fruit baskets.  I collected quite a few of these on one of our many RV adventures on the road.  I found most of them at local farmers markets.  They were all so friendly to share.

Lately I have used these baskets to display gift towels, crocheted items, and now treats for my daughter’s friends.




I gathered up my supplies; cute Strawberry basket, trusty hot glue gun and glue sticks, hole punch, frilly pink ribbon, pink cardstock, stickles glitter glue, “treat” themed stickers,  and shiney pipe cleaners.  All of these items I had stashed away in my scrap room.


I punched a hole centered on two sides of the basket,  fit the pipe cleaner on each end to make the handle, and cut off the excess.  I hot glued the ribbon around the top of the basket (cutting off the excess) for the decorative trim.  I then took some colorful stickers, backed them with pink card stock, and decorated all four sides of the basket with my trusty hot glue gun. Its not shown in the final picture, but I also made a tag out of the card stock with her friend’s name printed, outlined the tag and other stickers with the glitter glue.  You gotta have some glitter. Right!

Once your basket is decorated with the glitter, frills, and sparkles, just fill with whatever goodies or treats for the occassion.  I filled the basket with sparkley tissue, candy, and lip glosses. Her friend loved it all.




Thrift stores have a wealth of resources for re-purposing……….which is where this little lamp came from……….

I wish I’d taken a picture of the “before” because it was a maroon-purple-ish color on the base……….screamed 1980’s………..big hair & Bon Jovi……….

She needed a face lift & little TLC………….

I lightly sanded the base so the paint would grip better……….

painted with a chrome metallic silver paint……….

found a shade that fit – in fact I think I had that lamp shade in my stash………

added a burlap sash & flower


She looks much better & sophisticatedly vintagy (yes I sometimes make up my own words)

Do you have a small item that needs a face lift with a fresh coat of paint?


You light up my life……

as well as what I might be reading…….hehehehe

Lamps & lighting are a necessity but who says they have to be boring???

New ideas have emerged about how to get creative with lighting & lamp shades ……….. out with the old & in with the new…….. or just use the bare essentials

This was a vintage table lamp I picked up & sold last year (or maybe the year before ……. yikes……..time flies when I’m having fun!)

Materials used:

Chalk Paint (turquoise & white)

Dark Wax

Clear Wax

Burlap strips for the shade


 I love how it turned out – so fun & unique – especially since we don’t see lamps like this made anymore

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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