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Rusty Love



imageimageimageThere is something about rustic, industrial home decor, I just can’t seem to get enough of. This blue storage cabinet, which was recently added to our Gypsy Chicks booth, is the perfect example of organization in any room of the home. I can see kitchen plates and saucers, flatware, coffee mugs, and cookbooks  for the kitchen.

I actually wanted to keep this piece for my hobby room. Also known as the “everything crafty goes in this room”.  Can you imagine all the goodies, paper, fabric, and who knows what else I can get my hands on to fit in this cubby.

In the photo above, I stocked the cabinet with burlap, architectural wood pieces, coffee mugs, and acrylic letters. Loving the whole look.

Needless to say, everything rustic and industrial has caught my eye lately.  As you can see from the above party pics how the rustic industrial look is showing up through out our booth.  From the rusty coiled bed springs, to repurposed lamps, and metal tins, this look is starting to catch on.   Until next time…



You light up my life……

as well as what I might be reading…….hehehehe

Lamps & lighting are a necessity but who says they have to be boring???

New ideas have emerged about how to get creative with lighting & lamp shades ……….. out with the old & in with the new…….. or just use the bare essentials

This was a vintage table lamp I picked up & sold last year (or maybe the year before ……. yikes……..time flies when I’m having fun!)

Materials used:

Chalk Paint (turquoise & white)

Dark Wax

Clear Wax

Burlap strips for the shade


 I love how it turned out – so fun & unique – especially since we don’t see lamps like this made anymore

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Perfect Match


Ok! Hello everyone. This is officially my first blog post ever. Yikes! Thanks to my friend Trish for getting this going and encouraging me to jump right in.

So last summer I was out and about pickin for furniture  in OKC and I  found this lovely old iron Singer sewing base. But it lacked something special. A top. I wanted the new piece to be functional, unique, and have a top.  Four months later, on a rainy winter day, I found the lucky winner. An old round, wood table top, without a base.  A match made in heaven.  Hopefully.

With a little help and maneuvering, the top fit perfectly with the base.  Still, the top needed to be cleaned and a new paint job.  At our Gypsy Chicks booth, located at the Rink Gallery,  we sell Country Chic Paint. This is an amazing chalk based paint, vibrant colors, dries quickly and smoothly. I ended up painting the top with the color, Cheesecake.  Followed by a coat of Tough Coat, which is a polyurethane finish.

I have to so say, with a little bit of patience and imagination, the bistro table turned out to be rather Marvy. The Perfect Match.

Here’s your sign………..

I really like alot of the wooden signs I’ve seen on Pinterest & finally decided to try my hand at making my own.  I learned a few things along the way, so I’ll share what I learned about what worked for me & what didn’t.


Materials List

Scrap wood
(I used what I had laying around the shop)

(I used what I had)

Paint Roller
(I used a roller because it was much quicker than using a brush)



Old Town Chalk Paint can be purchased at Decades

CeCe Caldwell chalk paint can be purchased at Feathered Nest

Plaster Paint can be purchased at the Rink Gallery

Finally, Behr samples can be found at any hardware store


Here are the boards with a fresh coat of paint…………if only my blogging skills were as snappy as my painting skills……….lol

IMG_5554IMG_5553I found some cool quotes from Pinterest

Typed the quote using Microsoft Word in the desired font & chose “outline” in the font menu

Cut my words & letters apart as needed

I laid down graphite paper on my board, taped my letters & words to the graphite paper, & TAPED THE GRAPHITE PAPER TO MY TABLE so it wouldn’t slide around

Next, I traced the letters using a wide lead pencil – you can use a pen or pencil – doesn’t really matter just as long as you use enough pressure to transfer the image

As you can see, I lifted the corner to double check my letters were actually transferring properly

 IMG_5555 IMG_5556
Just a shot to give you a better visual


I used a walnut stain on the back of my boards
Painted the traced letters with black chalk paint
Stained the front with the walnut stain – the green sign is stained – the red is not

(Please do not mind the mess…….next time I’ll move that orange cord)


The red sign has now been stained in this pic – you can see how the stain toned down the red paint

IMG_5635 IMG_5637


(of the signs – not the air-hose roller-upper…….lol)


 This yellow sign looks cool as is………but check out what it looks like after I stained it……….


How cool is that yellow sign now???

And how about that long gray board you saw at the beginning of this post …… is now “badass”

The Smoky Mountain Chalk Paint dries a blue-ish gray which is part of the badassery!


Forgot about my welcome sign til the end when I noticed it leaned up the garage door – oops

Soooooooo………..there ya have it

There’s gobs of tutorials out there…… grab some scraps & get busy with it!

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