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Pallet Potential

More & more people are recycling pallets.  Pinterest is loaded with pictures of pallet furniture, home decor, & art.  I have never worked with pallets until recently after being inspired by the projects my friend Audrey has been creating lately over at Iron Dragonfly Signs.  So, I threw caution to the wind, rolled up my sleeves, & got to work breaking down 3IMG_5818 pallets I scored from another friend’s place of employment (with permission).

This baby looks innocent enough……..right?

I found out breaking pallets down was not as easy as I anticipated…..then the husbster said “let me show you a trick” & whipped out the sawzall.  He had it cut apart in about 2.5 seconds.I thought that trick was pretty nifty since it will save me oodles & boodles of time.

Once the pallets were cut apart then I    had several nails I had to pull out   which again seemed like an innocent enough job…..once I had the hang of it then it went pretty quick.

I found several ideas on Pinterest that I wanted to try which included painting & stenciling signs & various designs.  I made a trip to Hobby Lobby in search of stencils & employed the help of my handy dandy Cricut.

I cut enough wood to make 3 signs each measured approximately 14″x20″.image


To secure the planks together I nailed wooden strips to the back of each piece. This also served as a place to attach the hangers.


Next, I stained each piece with whatever left over stain I had stashed.  Usually, you apply stain & then wipe it off – the darker you want the wood the longer you leave on the stain before wiping it off; however, pallet wood soaks up stain so wiping it off was not part of my process.



I used white chalk paint on 2 of them to serve as my background.  You could paint them whatever color you wanted, though.


I really liked how the dark stain peeked thru the white paint which, to me, added some additional character to the piece.



I really liked how the stain was absorbed by the pallet wood.  Usually, I would need to wipe the extra stain off after a few minutes  but not with this project which helped save time!

Pallet Wood Flag

After months of browsing Pinterest & creating a bazillion boards with hoards of ideas, I knew I wanted to create several flags made from pallet wood.

1st:  I grabbed a roll of painter’s tape & taped off the stripes

2nd:  I taped off the section for the stars

3rd:  I used my Cricut to cut 20 paper stars, rolled up small pieces of masking tape & put them on the back of each star & eyeballed where I wanted them

I used a small paint roller to speed up the painting process.

Tip:  I stored my paint rollers in snack size plastic bags in the fridge to keep the rollers moist & save time

Finally……after all the painter’s tape & star stencils were peeled off & a couple of coats of spray sealer was added for extra protection…..

…..I have this finished beauty!

Pallet Wood Flag

Pallet wood flag

 How cool is that???!!!


DIY Spring Baskets



Look at this adorable Spring Basket I made for one of my daughter’s friends.  So cute.  I have a fascination with strawberry and fruit baskets.  I collected quite a few of these on one of our many RV adventures on the road.  I found most of them at local farmers markets.  They were all so friendly to share.

Lately I have used these baskets to display gift towels, crocheted items, and now treats for my daughter’s friends.




I gathered up my supplies; cute Strawberry basket, trusty hot glue gun and glue sticks, hole punch, frilly pink ribbon, pink cardstock, stickles glitter glue, “treat” themed stickers,  and shiney pipe cleaners.  All of these items I had stashed away in my scrap room.


I punched a hole centered on two sides of the basket,  fit the pipe cleaner on each end to make the handle, and cut off the excess.  I hot glued the ribbon around the top of the basket (cutting off the excess) for the decorative trim.  I then took some colorful stickers, backed them with pink card stock, and decorated all four sides of the basket with my trusty hot glue gun. Its not shown in the final picture, but I also made a tag out of the card stock with her friend’s name printed, outlined the tag and other stickers with the glitter glue.  You gotta have some glitter. Right!

Once your basket is decorated with the glitter, frills, and sparkles, just fill with whatever goodies or treats for the occassion.  I filled the basket with sparkley tissue, candy, and lip glosses. Her friend loved it all.


Pretty in Pink

imageI found this lovely shabby pink file cabinet at a local estate sale. It screamed “take me home”, so I did. Feeling like some pink needed to be added to my booth for spring, this piece fit the bill. I wanted to add some shiney gold to give it a little something special.

So I got out some basic gold metallic paint and some butterfly stencils and got to work. I did prep the metal cabinet with a bit of light sanding, then laid my stencil in a fun pattern all over. Got out the sponge brush and got busy with it.


I applied the stencil on top, the sides and the front.  Once the paint was dry. I sealed the cabinet with clear acrylic spray sealer.

TADA!! I think the cabinet turned out pretty good. A fun piece that would look great in any room of the home.


Here’s your sign………..

I really like alot of the wooden signs I’ve seen on Pinterest & finally decided to try my hand at making my own.  I learned a few things along the way, so I’ll share what I learned about what worked for me & what didn’t.


Materials List

Scrap wood
(I used what I had laying around the shop)

(I used what I had)

Paint Roller
(I used a roller because it was much quicker than using a brush)



Old Town Chalk Paint can be purchased at Decades

CeCe Caldwell chalk paint can be purchased at Feathered Nest

Plaster Paint can be purchased at the Rink Gallery

Finally, Behr samples can be found at any hardware store


Here are the boards with a fresh coat of paint…………if only my blogging skills were as snappy as my painting skills……….lol

IMG_5554IMG_5553I found some cool quotes from Pinterest

Typed the quote using Microsoft Word in the desired font & chose “outline” in the font menu

Cut my words & letters apart as needed

I laid down graphite paper on my board, taped my letters & words to the graphite paper, & TAPED THE GRAPHITE PAPER TO MY TABLE so it wouldn’t slide around

Next, I traced the letters using a wide lead pencil – you can use a pen or pencil – doesn’t really matter just as long as you use enough pressure to transfer the image

As you can see, I lifted the corner to double check my letters were actually transferring properly

 IMG_5555 IMG_5556
Just a shot to give you a better visual


I used a walnut stain on the back of my boards
Painted the traced letters with black chalk paint
Stained the front with the walnut stain – the green sign is stained – the red is not

(Please do not mind the mess…….next time I’ll move that orange cord)


The red sign has now been stained in this pic – you can see how the stain toned down the red paint

IMG_5635 IMG_5637


(of the signs – not the air-hose roller-upper…….lol)


 This yellow sign looks cool as is………but check out what it looks like after I stained it……….


How cool is that yellow sign now???

And how about that long gray board you saw at the beginning of this post …… is now “badass”

The Smoky Mountain Chalk Paint dries a blue-ish gray which is part of the badassery!


Forgot about my welcome sign til the end when I noticed it leaned up the garage door – oops

Soooooooo………..there ya have it

There’s gobs of tutorials out there…… grab some scraps & get busy with it!

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