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Pallet Potential

More & more people are recycling pallets.  Pinterest is loaded with pictures of pallet furniture, home decor, & art.  I have never worked with pallets until recently after being inspired by the projects my friend Audrey has been creating lately over at Iron Dragonfly Signs.  So, I threw caution to the wind, rolled up my sleeves, & got to work breaking down 3IMG_5818 pallets I scored from another friend’s place of employment (with permission).

This baby looks innocent enough……..right?

I found out breaking pallets down was not as easy as I anticipated…..then the husbster said “let me show you a trick” & whipped out the sawzall.  He had it cut apart in about 2.5 seconds.I thought that trick was pretty nifty since it will save me oodles & boodles of time.

Once the pallets were cut apart then I    had several nails I had to pull out   which again seemed like an innocent enough job…..once I had the hang of it then it went pretty quick.

I found several ideas on Pinterest that I wanted to try which included painting & stenciling signs & various designs.  I made a trip to Hobby Lobby in search of stencils & employed the help of my handy dandy Cricut.

I cut enough wood to make 3 signs each measured approximately 14″x20″.image


To secure the planks together I nailed wooden strips to the back of each piece. This also served as a place to attach the hangers.


Next, I stained each piece with whatever left over stain I had stashed.  Usually, you apply stain & then wipe it off – the darker you want the wood the longer you leave on the stain before wiping it off; however, pallet wood soaks up stain so wiping it off was not part of my process.



I used white chalk paint on 2 of them to serve as my background.  You could paint them whatever color you wanted, though.


I really liked how the dark stain peeked thru the white paint which, to me, added some additional character to the piece.



I really liked how the stain was absorbed by the pallet wood.  Usually, I would need to wipe the extra stain off after a few minutes  but not with this project which helped save time!

Pallet Wood Flag

After months of browsing Pinterest & creating a bazillion boards with hoards of ideas, I knew I wanted to create several flags made from pallet wood.

1st:  I grabbed a roll of painter’s tape & taped off the stripes

2nd:  I taped off the section for the stars

3rd:  I used my Cricut to cut 20 paper stars, rolled up small pieces of masking tape & put them on the back of each star & eyeballed where I wanted them

I used a small paint roller to speed up the painting process.

Tip:  I stored my paint rollers in snack size plastic bags in the fridge to keep the rollers moist & save time

Finally……after all the painter’s tape & star stencils were peeled off & a couple of coats of spray sealer was added for extra protection…..

…..I have this finished beauty!

Pallet Wood Flag

Pallet wood flag

 How cool is that???!!!


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