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It seems there is a new hot trend, or maybe an old trend with a few new twists. Planners! From daily planning, budget planning, health & diet, to blog planning. Another twist is memory planning. Which is the one I have been drawn to. A mix of planning, journaling, art, scrapbooking, and goal setting.  I am new to this kind of planning, and it has definitely been a trial and error experience.


It all started for me when I discovered the Heidi Swapp, gold memory planner from Michaels,  “Everyday”. On Sale too! I have since discovered this may have been a limited edition, for I can’t seem to find anymore, anywhere!  Grrrr!

I love the shiny gold, and the size. It came with all sorts of goodies. From post it’s, number stamps, embellishments, and magnet tabs.  12 month dividers, a month at a glance, a thankful page , a page for notes, and a place for photos.

image            image


I promise to take better photos in the future. I have quickly figured out the memory planning is all about expressing yourself with color, and pens, glue and glitter, magazine clippings, paper, and lots of washi tape. I am on the hunt for washi tape and sticky notes. So watch out Target shoppers, here I come.  Basically, whatever you want to use, you can, so go for it.

I do want to show the front inside cover, and dashboard.

image       image

Like I said before, all still works in progress. I used scrapbook paper and coordinating embellishments I had on hand. An acrylic insert from a media package. And glue! I made two pockets on the inside cover to hold paper clips, sticky notes, and a few “to do” lists.  I made sure to make note on my acrylic dashboard my word for 2015. Love. Love is my theme, and I plan to incorporate this theme throughout my planner.  More to come in this adventure of memory planning.



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